Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Diana's dyeing day

Oh what fun I had at Diana's last week and here is the result. The only problem with dyeing (i use old cotton sheeting) is all the rinsing and rinsing and rinsing and washing and drying.
i got into trouble with the drying. we have a 'no washing out at the weekend' rule with my mum who lives in the extension. I had to plead that this was NOT washing and indeed it was a designer touch and enhanced the garden beautifully! I'm not so sure she was convinced.....
and then....

there was the ironing! All my fabrics were heaped on the table and i couldn't believe how gorgeous they looked dried out and scrunched up against this vase of fading pink roses so i grabbed my camera. it was such fun ironing them. WHAT? never thought i'd hear myself saying that

so today i couldn't resist rolling them all up like roses and photgraphing them side by side!
It will be so painful to have to cut them up and USE them but i so love these colours.
I just found a huge bag of damp, torn up cotton sheeting that I didn't get round to using. does this mean i shall have to do some more dyeing today? Oh dear!

thank you Diana for such a lovely day! xx
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