Sunday, 14 June 2009

I made this little piece for illustration friday's challenge of 'craving'. I was going to call it 'craving 4 cupcakes!' Anyway...her neck was so long and her face looked awful and I didn't get it done in time so now it will be a little wallhanging for my summerhouse. she now has a new face. My homework is to work on faces. difficult enough in pen but impossible in stitch!

What a gorgeous day it is here. I am torn between the garden and creativity. I love to walk around and smell the flowers. Today is open gardens in Histon and we are off to look around soon.
the summerhouse is at the bottom of my garden and there is nowhere in the worlds more lovely to sit and stitch and part of me would rather be there enjoying the glorious view

the delphiniums are spectacular

i love to share my garden with friends. some things seem to love being split up and i hate throwing bits out!
today is the last day of the weight loss study i have been involved in and I am really worried that I might let it all go to pot! I hope not. I must make sure I always have lots of hand work to do to keep my hands busy and not think about food
6.30pm. the open gardens were fabulous but we had tea and cakes TWICE this afternoon. Oh dear.
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spindelmaker said...

Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you posted it, so that I got to see your blog! It´s so fun to see what you do! I really love your felted cotton-pictures with machine-embroidery. They are inspiring! And this one: I really like her face! I´ll add you to my bookmarks, so I can keep coming back!

bubblemunch said...

Your garden is glorious! Lucky you.
Hope the weight study went well and that your asthma diploma isn't too arduous.