Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Shining Circles

I really enjoyed the Sheena Norquay workshop we had at Cambridge Quilter's a couple of weeks ago. We printed fabric with gold, silver or copper circles of all sizes....

then machine embroidered them........

and I have since added lots of beads and sequins to them. I am yet to finish the three pieces I started but it is fun to have hand work in the house ready to take out with me. I MUST do more so I always have plenty of hand work to do

I have been very busy working on the Asthma Diploma I am doing on the Open University. It requires 300 hours of study in 6 months which is 12 hours a week. This is why I have not had time to blog. In fact, I haven't felt I've allowed myself the luxury of time! Happily, I completed the first assignment on monday so I have allowed myself a few days off and it is BLISSFUL!

Tomorrow I go and weigh in at MRC to find out how I am doing on the weight loss study I am part of. I reckon I have lost half a stone but with Bank Holiday here it has been hard this week. EXCUSES!!!!
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