Thursday, 28 May 2009


I had fun making this small machine embroidered piece and intended to sew on beads and sequins but when my 4 year old grandchild saw it she wanted to sew them on and here is the result. She hasn't finished yet but her work is superb and it such fun to know that by the time she is my age she will bo SO much better than me. She has a natural talent and love of colour and working with her hands.
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The background of this piece I am working on at the moment is paper fabric made with an old paper pattern. Her wings are made from oiled and gold printed brown paper. I have added fabric flowers (Claire's suggestion) and sewn them on with press studs and old buttons. I have some wonderful old looped buttons to add to her leather boots and other sewing emphemera to add. I shall come back to it from time to time as inspiration strikes!
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