Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Vintage Patchwork

I called into the charity shop on the way home today...just in case...and I found THIS fabulous vintage patchwork!

Well, I was delighted. It is a grotty, smelly, dirty old duvet cover on an equally smelly duvet for sale in the 'dog bedding' bin. I whipped the cover off the duvet and left it for someone's dog. I cut most of the duvet cover off and machined it into a pillowcase and stuck it in the washing machine with my dog's towels. Well, at least they dont smell!

I think the patchwork was made in the 1970's. It seems to be made from patterned shirts that were very popular in the 70's and there are some floral viscose fabrics I recognise. The holey areas seem to be woolen fabrics; probably viyella type I think. I have no ide what I shall do with it but I think it would be fun to use as a backgound for something. I shall think about it.
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