Tuesday, 24 March 2009

East Coast

It was just as well we were away for the weekend with friends as it gave my thumb time to recover a bit. We walked for miles on Saturday along the clifftop and back along the beach. How I love beach combing. I found another heart to add to my collection. I will have to post it separately. I picked up lots of little bits of tumbled colured glass and stones and a few bits of drift wood but I have no idea what I shall do with them. It is just fun to put them in a dish and admire them!
Weight loss study update: Not going well. Had cramp in bed for about an hour last night and today I kept getting cramp in my toes in both feet. I guess it is the aspartame or the colouring in the cola? If it continues, I shall stop taking the cola drink and pull out of the study. I shall just have to lose weight in the traditional way!
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