Thursday, 19 March 2009

Arabella Pollen Jacket and Bag and a quilt top for Hope

A detail from the quilt in the blog below...Quilt for Grace. Hand stamped cotton sheeting

A quilt top in the making for Hope. FAR too much green so I shall have to applique lots of pinks hearts onto it I think. It will go on the 'to do' list

I LOVE going to the local charity shop. There is always something there that I didn't know I needed and this was one of them, when I called in last week. I was really taken by the bright colours and bought the jacket and skirt for £5.00. The skirt was a size 12 and VERY short so I decided to make it into a bag and here is the result. I wish I had taken a 'before' picture but I didn't. I must say that it is almost unaltered. The waistband and big deep side pockets are still there as is the back zip! I simply cut the bottom off the skirt to make the strap. I added some padding to give it more 'body' and then sewed up the bottom. I cut out a simple flap and added an elasticated loop and sewed it over the waistband at the back. I took the Arabella Pollen label from the inside and added it to the flap and found a huge 1980's square red button to complete it.

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