Friday, 13 February 2009

Thing-a-day 13 Tidy jar!

I was racking my brains today wondering what I should do for my thing. Anyway, I decided it should be practical as Tony complains that I am always doing crafts so here is the answer! A crafty solution to a practical problem.....a motivating jar filled with all the things I SHOULD be doing but it was fun to make and gave me a 30 minute craft fix in the process!

I typed out a load of tasks that I ought to do, printed them of, cut them up and then glued them onto some patterned paper (folded as it was not double sided). I then punched out lots of gold card hearts and sandwiched a heart in the opening of each 'task' and sewed them all up in one big long line. No starting and stopping and fiddling about.

The result? A pile of prompts to choose from for the odd occasions I feel I should do something practical, not crafty
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