Thursday, 12 February 2009

HELLLLLP! Thing-a-day 12

It was really icy here this morning when Rosie and I went out for our walk. We were not alone though....mummy duck was out with her baby and he'd fallen through the ice!

As for Rosie...she was having too much fun skating on the ice so she sat down and refused to budge.

I though my grandchildren might enjoy these pictures. It is SUCH fun having an excuse to be mad. I must admit to making sure no-one was watching when I took them!
Hope and Grace came for supper tonight and Hope announced she no longer wants to be a doctor. She's going to be a horse rider when she grows up. Oh dear...sounds like their parents have an expensive time ahead of them.
It is the evening as I write this and the snow has been falling here for the past two hours and covered everywhere in a wonderful white dusting. I shall be donnig my 1980's silver ski suit later and heading off to the pub in the snow. BLISS!!!
I'm so glad we went. There is a childish magic walking in virgin snow. There few cars about and everywhere was blanketed in perfect, soft whiteness. Our feet made that wonderful squeaky noise that only snow makes as you walk in it. The muffled silence made it very special. Where is everyone? I wondered. Why are they not out here making the most of this rare and beautiful evening.
I wished it was day so I could take pictures. There was no wind....not a breath, so the snow lay thickly everywhere it touched and boughs hung low under the weight of the falling snow. But I knew it was transient; we were enjoying the best of it and sure enough, when we left the warmth of the pub, there were already signs of it melting....being stolen from us. We'd been given this wonderful gift for just an hour or so and now it was being taken back and stashed away for another time; maybe another year, but we had been part of it and made the most of this most special evening. Bliss!
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