Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The princess and the pie

When our grandchildren came to stay for the night on saturday, Hope told me a wonderful story on sunday morning which I wrote down for her and will illustrate one day. It was a story about a blackberry pie a princess made. It flew away after she had made it to the land of pies. Anyway....the princess flew to the land of pies in a BIGGER pie and when her blackberry pie saw her coming it hid in a castle full of pies. It wanted to be the biggest pie in the world so it ATE all the pies and it ended up bigger than the world and it blew up and they all lived in space!

Here is a crummy attempt at drawing the princess flying on a pie

And just for fun, I made two rubber wing carvings which I thought might be useful for all the flying pies I might draw, and all the fairies I do draw!
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