Friday, 2 January 2009

Vintage Collage

I was given a bookmark for Christmas from my cousin Ena and it inspired me to try and make a few from paper fabric. I appliqued a flower onto it but I forgot to take a picture of it today!

I've had a really creative day with Harriet; we've been getting together to share ideas for almost a is such fun to have a 'playmate' to get together with and share ideas. I wanted to make some small items to sell at the quilters exhibition in September this year so I found loads of vintage bits and pieces and scattered them onto the scanner. I included some of Harriet's Aunt's old haberdashery too. WOW! the results were great. Harriet immediately set a challenge for us both to print the image onto fabric, embellish with buttons, beads, handstitching, hooks, fact ANYTHING and have it ready for the end of the month. Elaine is going to join us too, so it should be fun to see how we all interpret it. There are no rules.....just a deadline.

Well, it sounded like a really good idea and I set to, trying to print it onto my 'bubble jet set' treated fabric and the result was awful. I think I shall take the photo to the colour copiers in the village and have a print made and then use Dylon's transfer product. Watch this space!

We have both been making fabric paper inspired by Beryl Taylor's work and have modified it a bit.....well.....I use white sheeting for the backing from the local charity shop instead of the muslin she suggests. Harriet made a piece using maps and stamps to make a folder. I was lucky enough to win her first attempt having saved it from the dustbin! I think it will be perfect for covering my 'holiday scrapbook', one of those old fashioned, big, black paper scrapbooks books. I will probably add some colour to it and perhaps print onto it. I hope to get some time over the weekend. Right now, it is Friday night and we are off to the pub!

Claire came over with the children with a bag of jelly babies for Mum and as we all shared them, Hope lost her front tooth. So now you know....if you have a wobbly tooth, simply chew a Waitrose jelly baby...they are VERY chewy!

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