Thursday, 4 October 2012

well it was a frantically busy day getting ready for the show. I was up at crack of 6am and frantically making instruction leaflets for some little weaving loom kits and weaving stick kits and it all took so much time!
Anyway, I got it done and took it all off to the show which opens tomorrow. The David Rayner centre is will be a great venue
I finally managed to get the photo I wanted to post last night. A couple of my little 22 page paper maze brag books all packaged up and ready to go. Tony cuts out all the mountboard for me and I machine stitch around each photo. One day I'll get round to doing a giveaway on my blog...these would be perfect!
I love, love LOVE making mini books. They are just right to fill with
memories of an event and cart around in your handbag
Now for a funny story.....our quilt group made a list of local classes and courses and included me and my website on it. Unfortunately, they got a dot in the wrong place with disastrous results! A vary naughty website came up  by mistake. ANYWAY...the next day a lady phoned up and spoke to Tony to say she wanted to come to our show. She looked on the website to find out about classes and found my entry. Oooops! She explained all she wanted to learn was the sewing...nothing more and did we realise it had taken her to a porn site?!
Well...the local paper loved the story and I thought it would be great advertising for our show. Today I was photographed with my quilts and website so we'll wait and see what happens. Should be in the paper tomorrow night, perfect for a bit of weekend trade. We have a fabulous double bed quilt to raffle....I must take a picture of it to bloggerate.
Anyway..must go and get some more cards ready for the morning.
Wait a minute.....
Amazingly, I have just learnt a new trick! From the little photo icon I have found you can add an image from your blog. I didn't know that so I found this and had to laugh as it is pretty similar to my Don't forget to drop the dogs quilt. LOL!
I know...during Blogtoberfest I shall make myself learn something new every day.
Tomorrow I will show you the coffee cake I made for the show

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Sandie said...

ha ha ha!! Loving the new hair cut Moira!! I'm asuming it's not tucked behind one ear?!