Saturday, 6 October 2012

Love Heart Cake Pops for Kate and Ed

A bouquet of cake pops for Ed and KJate's engagement party tonight!
Here they are in the making....first you have to dip the sticks into the chocolate and impale them into the cake balls.....
Then...swirl them in the molten chocolate and cuss under your breath as the little buggers come off the sticks! Sprinkle them with sugar lovliness....and stand on their heads on Love Hearts!
Then I stuck them into wet oasis.....wrapped them in cellophane....

Job done. Right...we're off... the champagne is nice and cold!


Sandie said...

You are so clever with your ideas! What a beautiful 'bouquet' !

Sue said...

Glad you are joining in AEDM will be so much fun.
Put it in your diary....1st Nov
These cakes look delicious.
I am on a BIG diet so I can't have one.

Sue said...

Moira I want to ask you something, but I can't find your email address. Can you email me at
then I can talk to you. I probably have it somewhere, but it's not apparent

Bron said...

Fantastic....that looks so effective. xx