Thursday, 5 January 2012

'The Fallen Angel Restaurant'

I decided to have a bit of fun today as the girls were coming over for supper and I wanted to make it special for them. Hope is nearly 9 and Grace just 7. Well, we all need a bit of pampering at times don't we? First job was to make an invitation and ask them to dress for the oocasion
next job was to make a sign for the door
then it was time to do the menu. A choice of starter, then pigs in blankets and cheesy jacket potatoes....mmmm...
When my own children were small, I used to make little sponge puddings in glass dishes with jam at the bottom, so they were on the menu too, and fruit to follow
The table was set, the candles lit, and the food nearly all prepared.
When the girls arrived looking AB FAB they were knocked out. Both of them were so thrilled it was worth the effort!
Hope and Grace both chose the crudites to start while Tony and I enjoyed the king prawn cocktail
After dinner, the girls went into the lounge and rehearsed a dance for us to go and watch. A perfect ending.....
Now what I really must do is get on with designing new cards but my throat is burning and my voice rapidly getting croakier and croakier. Oh honey, lemon and whiskey I think!


Sandie said...

You are such a lovely Nanny, those girls will have wonderful stories and memories to tell.
I had Summer & Ivy to stay over on Sunday and lots of our fun involved food too.
Hope you are not going down with anything nasty - & hope you soon feel 100%

Sandra Rowney said...

One of my earliest memories is of the little trifles my Nan made in green glass dishes with hundreds and thousands on top.

dandelion dreamer said...

oh I remember those colourful little strands, I must get some....and I have some little glass dishes!

Gina said...

What fun and what a super granny you are. Hope you feel better soon.