Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Belstead....Book of Me

Hello again! I've missed blogland so much but got totally fed up with the bother I was having uploading pictures. I think I have now cracked it. These pictureswere in a Picasa web album and they appeared here instantly so I might be back on a roll with all the stuff I want to shere here.
I am just back from a weekend teaching at Belstead, the World's Ultimate Retreat and my favourite place to be. It is so lovely being surrounded by like minded souls and to share so much laughter and ideas. This class was oversubscribed and I had a second one four weeks ago. Already, both courses for next year are completly full but there are to be extra ones on
 27th-29th March 2012 and 12th-14th October 2012
Book quickly..there are only 12 places on each
Post: Belstead House
Sprites Lane
Telephone: 01473 686321
Fax: 01473 686664

I LOVE upcycling all sorts of things and here is the basis for one of the mini books we made. These are Belstead House loo rools. They are very small and have nasty glue lines around them but.....
stick them through the embossulator and ta da! They take on a new life.
We painted them white and then rubbed them with gold and other colours to highlight the embossed design, and make them into mini books and made tags to slide into each one
Below are little books made by two of my students

Now I have cracked the photo up-loading thing I shall put a tutorial on here. In the meantime, start saving loo rools/kitchen rolls ...you will need about 8. I'll be back soon with newfound enthusiasm!!

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Sandra Rowney said...

Way hay, welcome back to Blogland. Blue Peter eat your heart out, I have an aversion to throwing away loo roll innerds that goes way back! Looking forward to the tutorial.