Sunday, 22 May 2011

Set Up Day at Progressive Greetings Live and FREE extra space!

How is this then? Two bloggaroos in one day! I just HAD to share these pictures with you. We
went down to The Business Design Centre today in Islington...GHASTLY journey...thank goodness it is Sunday......I have decided to go by train on Tuesday and Wednesday.
By the can just see the business card bunting I made a couple of weeks ago running across the front of the stand. I shall snip off cards for anyone wanting one. We took the table and stools out of the stand for this picture...there most certainly would not have been room for them in the tiny stand!

We arrived to find our stand being dismantled! It was only supposed to be two square metres...TINY! Anyway...the next door stand had cancelled and so I got an extra 2x1 metres gratis and for nothing AND an extra lamp, and so did the stand on the other side. This pictures shows just how small it was going to be...

Here is the extra metre being added. What a difference! We had to wait while the sparkies re-connected up the wiring and then we set about putting up the display boards

My stand is on the second level but it is near the coffee so I might see one or two potential buyers! I LOVED seeing this big board advertising 'The Fallen Angel Co' cool is that?

Here is a view from up top where I am. It is quite a big show dedicated purely to the card industry. SCARY!!!!!
More news after the show
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Sandie said...

Go Moira!! What luck to have the extra space for free - now you can really spread your wings! Hope it is a really successful show and that you have a wonderful experience. Would love to visit you there but I'm busy with family birthday celebrations & work. I look forward to hearing all about it!!

Marg said...

What fabulous luck snaring that extra space for free. I'm sure it will be a great success, and can't wait to hear about it and see lots more pics.

Lynette said...

Good luck with this venture Moira!

Gina said...

Hope it goes well. Good luck!

Ruth said...

Good Luck today Moira! I really hope it goes well. :)

Sandra Rowney said...

Looking forward to hearing how it goes - what luck to get that extra space, the buyers will think you are Soooo cool (don't tell them it's free!)

Susan Allan said...

Fantastic. You were lucky to have the extra. If there is anything going of yours, I'll have one. please Moira!!! (Even just an off-cut!!!)
You have my address. The card you sent me a while ago has pride of place on my notice board.
God luck Moira!!!!
Sue xxx

Susan Allan said...

Sorry, should be good luck. My typing is getting worse!

dandelion dreamer said... are very welcome to come over for play and stay and help yourself!!!!! Moira x