Monday, 14 February 2011

Thing-a-day 14 Straw Flowers

I had to chuckle last week when a card slid through my letter box saying
there was a letter to collect and that I owed £1.10p on it!
Here it is, with its contents and a challenge from Sandra. Thank you
She is also playing on Thing-a-Day.
I have my grandchildren here before school once a week and so today was the
perfect opportunity to use the straws. We started cutting the funky foam
with scissors and then punching holes in the centre for the straws. SOMEONE
got stroppy and we ended up using my Bigshot machine...this was a big hit!
We ran out of time to get them finished but we all had fun!
I just had to include the heart which Hope made for me with the dregs of her
chocolate pillow breakfast!

Sandra's blogs:
Click here for website of paintings
Click here here for weekly art journal


Sandie said...

Don't you just love getting post when you have to pay for it to be delivered! And what a laugh you must have had to find the straws!
Well done Sandra.... what a lovely idea to send something through the post for Moira to work with. I might copy this idea - getting things through the post as a surprise is quite special and such fun.
Loved the flowers, Moira. As bright and cheerful as always!
By the way, another friend of mine is coming to Belstead. Ruth. I'm doing well with my recruiting!!

Susan Allan said...

Moira,thank you so much. I got a lovely surprise in the post today. So unexpected!! It is beautiful and I love it; it was really sweet of you.
Thank you
Sue xxx