Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New friends, old friends and fun!

What an incredible few days I have had since I last blogged. It started on Sunday when Paula and Andrew invited us to lunch and wanted us to meet a good friend of theirs called Sandra. Well imagine the bliss of being introduced to another zany artist....oozing enthusiam from every pore and getting SO exiterated when I showed her how to make a paper maze she was all set to home home there and then to make one! Oh I do love this madness that so many of us share but only 'those who know' truly understand. Goodness knows what normal people do with their lives....
Sandra keeps an awesome sketchbook and even manages to produce it and whip up a quick stetch at the theatre before the curtain goes up...now this is mind blowing...Oh I have so much to learn from this girl!

The picture above is the result of the challenge Sandra set, after lunch, to create something with our the gold foils from the choccy wrappers. Tony quickly whipped up a jet....flying of course, I made yet another little maze book containing a mini version of the 22 page one I'd already shown her and Sandra made a fortune teller and the above dangle dec. Our drea hostess Paula created the floral bouquet padded with a GRAPE! Oh this madness is so much fun 
Yesterday was another brill day when Sandie came over from Colchester for a play day. We met online doing Kelly Rae's ecourse and even share the SAME birthday. We are both 50 something and have two little grand children very close in age. We share a love of scrapbooking and creative play.....so you can inmagine another day of fun was had! Sandie has one of those incredibly successful allotments and madly pickles and freezes all her produce. Here she is with her pickled cucumbers and allotment piccalli..not to mention the HUGE cucumber!
After plenty of showing each other our scrapbooks and chatting 10-to-the-dozen.....and eating lunch....we finally got down to doing some screen printing. Sandie even has the SAME big pink apron as me Weird! Sandie went home with a nice pile of pink printed fabrics and I'm watching with interest to see what she does with them.
Great to meet you Sandie...come and play again soon!
I only just got round to posting this afternoon as another friend...from long ago...my first ward during my nurse training way back in 1990....came to play. Debbie also loves to make and she was saying she'd like to learn to do machine embroidery but doesn't have a machine that will do it...SO today she had a quick go! Time was short as she had to leave at 1pm but here is her first attempt and most excellent it is too. Like all things in life you need to practice, practice, practice, and eventually it gets easier. I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with it.
Great to see you Debbie...come again soon!

Meanwhile, while Debbie was doing battle with the machine I was working on my cupcake posters hand painting them for the art exhibiton on Saturday 23rd.....above is 'Spring' in the series of four...Cupcakes for 4 seasons'
and here is work in progress for Winter.
Oh nearly forgot...Debbie brounght me a lovely bag of fresh eggs from her own chickens. We'll enjoy those. Home produce is always so good.

And finally...my day got off to the most WONDROUS start today when Sandie phoned to thank me for yesterday and affered to buy me a place on a journalling course with Shimelle. WELL...can't tell you how exiterated I was about that. It starts next week so I'll be blogging about it then. Life is so good isn't it?
I know it will fire me up and make me use the work in new scrapbooks for my teaching weekend at the end of November at Belstead House, 'focus on embellishments'. Sandie is coming along too so we should have some fun

I'm looking forward to a day at Henlow Grange tomorrow with Claire for some pampering .....back on Thurday. Must go and pack my cossie and trainers!


Susan Allan said...

Oh, I am exhausted after reading about all that. What amazing fun you had and you all came up with wonderful creations.

Art is exciting and sometimes seeing good art makes my toes curl up and I go to jelly!!
Thanks for the entertaining post!
sue xx

Theresa said...

Loving the cupcakes! Working on a couple of pieces with cupcakes at the moment too!

Sandra Rowney said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and following up on all your blog links. Busy creating a new studio; as soon as the dust settles I'll try a Dandelion Book.