Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tomato tart and mini scrapbook

Oooh I just had to show off for a moment here...I'm making dinner for friends this evening and we have a glut of tomatoes...thanks to Tony's Tremendous Tomato TLC!
The recipe called for a large tart tin but as mine has a removable bottom, and this is made upside down...messy came to mind! Here the tomatoes have been sauteed in caramelised butter and then seasoned
I dug out these little individual tins but they had gone rusty so I cut up one of those wonderful silicone baking sheet thingys, and made circles from it....the bonus part is that the tarts will turn out easily!
Next, I need to add herbs and goat's cheese and then top them off with puff pastry but I'm going to do that  tonight and serve them warm for a starter with rocket and a drizzle of balsamic. I'll post a pic of the end result another day IF they are worth sharing!!
My garden is nearly bare now, but these gorgeous dahlias were begging to be picked....I love to have flowers on the table...and plenty of candles too......
And here is my crafty effort of the day....a little concertina scrap book I made for my 88 year old mum who actually came punting with Gareth, Tony and me on Thursday night. It was a perfect evening and we punted until it was dark. She sat sipping a G&T complete with ice and lemon and had a great time.

Life is good!

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