Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New Month...New Enthusiam!

I was so pleased with myself this moring that I remembered to slip my camera in my pocket and take a few shots of the mist that was hanging in a narrow ribbon, just above the fields.... and the sun was shining. Perfect!
It is very energising walking in the early morning when no-one is about....
Rosie is slowly recovering for her poorly foot at last so I'm able to walk her a little further each day. I long to be able to take her on our usual walk round by the barn under the conker trees, and plan my day as I walk.  I love that time when I get home and sit with a pot of coffee making a 'to do' list to tick off.
I have so much I want to do and sometimes struggle to get started on anything. Today, I started by cleaning two cupboards...and THEN.....I actually listed two items on Ebay. YAY!!!!! I haven't done that for over two years but it was such fun when I did. I had a 'Lapland Fund' then as I wanted to take my little granddaughters to Lapland with Claire and Phil.We made it two Christmasses ago, and I was so glad I did. It was perfect......

Back in the 1970's I found these in a pile of newspapers stacked up for recycling so bagged them up and left them in the loft, knowing one day I'd be glad I did! I hope to get a few pounds for them....the main thing is to get plenty of people interested and slowly build up a following and tantalize them with more memorabilai over the next few weeks.

I have so much 'stuff' I'd like to get rid of so hopefully....if I can get into it and it gets EASIER, I shall list one or two things a week as well as looking after my creative soul.

It is the NEC Gift Fair this weekend until Wednesday and I'm going to go and visit and checkout the card manufacturers to see if I can find someone to take on my designs so TODAY.....I must go and make a little business card and maybe an A4 flyer to hand out about me and my cards. I keep putting it off......!

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