Sunday, 13 June 2010


I loved the dyed fabrics from Wednesday's class and decided to pick a bunch of flowers to match!

It is now two weeks since I started Kelly's online course and I'm finding it hard to keep up but SO loving it! There are so many comments and what a wonderfully warm and supportive community. It is good to be united by a love of creativity with people from across the world. YAY!

Tonight I have just typed my letter of resignation to the surgery where I work as a practice nurse. I have been so stressed since a nurse left last November and wasn't replaced so I have decided to finally turn my back and go. I have been fair...I have given them till the end of August to find a replacement. I have SO enjoyed working is such a pity no-one noticed how stressed I was despite how hard I tried to tell them.

Ah means that I shall finally make my living from craft work again. I have had plenty of practice in the past...the trouble is I am so much older now!

It is interesting...I was talking to friends recently about what I used to do and I surprised myself when I looked back on the little knitting business I had called Tiny Tiger. By the age of 30-something I had 40 out-workers making my designs. Tony and I sent our squeaky jumpers all around the world. I wrote four squeaky children's books about Tiny Tiger. Here is the first one written in 1985ish. (MY!!! I have just seen the price they want for it!) I  used to go to trade shows several times a year....Oh so many stories to tell there!

In 1989 we could see the writing on the wall that there was a recession coming and I applied for nursing and was accepted as a mature student. I started training in 1990 after we sold the business.

Once I'd trained I wrote a book on salt dough then took a city and guilds patchwork and quilting course. My next adventure was to write a book on glass painting and then another on china painting. There wasn't a plain bit of glass or china in my home! Here is another glass painting book I wrote too. I was still nursing during this time too.

I was invited to be a guest on Jane Asher's programme and to be an 'expert' on The Generation Game. How ridiclous! But it all added to a very exciting life.

Oh! I nearly forgot; I also wrote over 300 article for Popular Craft magazine and some for Popular Patchwork as well as childrens craft publications. I wrote on all types of crafts from cooking soda bread in terracotta pots to making barbeque sets from salt dough. It was a great time and we built a studio for me to work in. Sadly, within 6 months the magazine had folded and before that, the lovely girl Debbie Moss who was the editor until the previous year, took her own life. I was thrown into a deep depressin for two years and finally went back into nursing.

Now, life has come full circle, and I'm leavig the job I love due to stress but I know I can go back into crafts and share some of the many things I enjoy like making mini scrapbooks which I teach a couple of times a year at Belstead House. THE perfect retreat (I go there with patchwork friends for weekends filled with fun and laughter)

I think I am going to feel so much more energised when I have handed in that letter and get thinking about the future and the fun in store. Fingers crossed....
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ShabbyChicShaz said...

I just wanted to say well done for deciding to resign and make your living from your craft work. It can't have been an easy decision but I really admire your courage. I'm on the Kelly Rae Roberts course as well and like you struggling to keep up but it is so inspiring.

barbara said...

Good luck! It seems you are perfectly equipped with passion and know-how for starting your new business!

cypress sun said...

gorgeous colors!

what an interesting and creative life you have led! best of luck following your new dreams...and good for you for leaving a stressful job before you get ill.

Judy Grupp Studio said...

Wow - looks like you've already been where I'm looking to go. This time around should be easier, especially with all the advice we're getting from Kelly. Good Luck, but most of all - have fun!

paintdropskeepfalling said...

What's that phrase ... may the wind be behind you and the open road in front... it's a fantastic place you've come to and I wish you all the best in it.