Thursday, 6 May 2010

V&A inpsired flower card

Ooooh I have had a great morning working on this new design, not the one I
mentioned in my earlier post! Once again , I have been influenced by my
visit to the V&A when I made a few sketches of early 18th centuary textiles.
I combined inspiration from an 18th century apron and part of a panel for a
fire screen. I have used hand dyed old coton staple choce of
fabric. I started off by using fabric paint and printing a background design
onto it and then used Bondaweb (Wunderunder) to hold the applique fabrics in

I free machined around the design in black thread and built it up in layers
as you can see from the picture. It is now ready for me to take on my car
journey tomorrow when I shall add a few beads and then machine stitch it
onto a background ready to make into a card.

Now then...I've had lunch and dicofenac fo my poor wrist so I am all set to
go and tackle my beautiful garden for the next hour! It has been wet here
and the weeds have rocketed from their winter resting place to face the
sun.....and ME!

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soraya nulliah said...

Dear Moira-thank you so much for visiting my blog.So you are also taking Kelly's class-it's so exciting, isn't it!! I can't wait! You are from Scotland-I would love to visit there on day. I have heard nothing but nice things about the people, culture...and beautiful landscapes! So...does the Loch Ness monster really live there:)