Monday, 22 February 2010

Tissue pizza!

I was intensely irritated by a workshop I went to on Saturday in which I was
given flimsy bits of tissue paper to make a little book with. When I got
home, I dyed the squares of tissue and decided there was NO WAY they were
suitable for pages of a book so I screwed them up and then applied them with
Bondaweb (Wonderunder)onto another disaster! I had tried to transfer print
an acetate picture onto fabric but had clearly used the wrong medium
so......the scrunched tissed was glued onto the fabric then more Bondaweb on
top and I pressed gold plastic film foil onto it. Next, I lay on some die
cut flowers and then a layer of fine tulle.
The whole lot was then machined embroidered with gold thread. I have no idea
what I am going to do with it or how I shall finish it. That will be another
It might be a little book cover.....(or a little bookie....!)or a brag bag
for a scrapbook. Wait and see! This was a very satifying project and my
22nd 'Thing' for 'thing a day'

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