Friday, 5 February 2010

Little wrapped book

I was inspired to make this little book after being given an old book a
friend bought at a jumble sale recently.(second picture)
My book is made from fabric paper (fabric layered with PVA glue, paper, tissue
paper and stamping)
I added a few fabric flowers and then trapped them under a layer of net and
backed it with orange felt.
I used black thread to machine embroider around each flower twice with invisible thread in the bottom.
Next, I cut the piece out using a rotary cutter for a really crisp result.
I machined around the edge three times in black.
Next, I cut some hand made paper to size, punched holes in it and the cover
and used a lovely piece of black velvet ribbon to bind it all together
I found a lovely old black button for the flower centre to use to anchor the
ribbon in place. Job done! MY Thing-a-day for day 4

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Marg said...

It is absolutely beautiful, very clever, it looks great. I just found your blog and am reading through all your old posts. (the chocolate puddings...YUM, love those cups.)