Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Acetate zipped pocket for a scrapbook

Todays 'thing' for 'thing a day' .....I am still working on my samples for
Belstead at the end of the month and making plenty o ideas of things to
teach. I thought it would be fun to add an acetate pocket to one of the
pages. It would be useful for storing extra photos, tickets and other stuff!
I have a huge collection of zips left from the 1970's when I made all my
children's clothes so it is time to use them up. To add the zip, I cut a
slot in the acetate first with a craft knife then simply stitched the zip on
top. I added a foam heart shape to the puller to prevent it damaging the
adjacent page when the book is closed. I always sew with wavy lines of black
thread. I love the look it creates.

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Marg said...

Really cute and a great idea. The foam heart, did you make that or buy it?

dandelion dreamer said...

I bought the foam heart!