Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I took this picture just before Christmas when we had had the heavy snow here in Cambridge. I just love the way the light is shining through it

I wanted to blog about what I have been doing today but as I have been set a challenge by Harriet and she might vivsit my site I thought it best to lay low on that one as we are having a great un-veiling next week!

It has been such fun. She gave Elaine and me a blank pizza box a few months ago to fill with found treasures. We then had to decorate the box and make something using what we had found as inspiration. I don't know if I shall have anything complete to show but I have played about with lots of things and enjoyed the process. It has lifted my spirits which has to be good, as I have been very depressed recently

I have decided that we creative poeple need to keep our hands and minds busy. I know that i feed on creativity and it is the process that matters, not the end result. Hopefully I will have something reasonable to show by next wednesday and will be making another little scrapbook very soon.
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