Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Friendship bracelet and necklace

Grace aged 5 made this for her friend Evie. It was SO much work tying all those knots between the beads but she managed it. I was annonyed that the kit, intended for small children had no needle, simple a plastic ribbon bead threader which even a very dextrous ADULT cannot use!
I found two fine, blunt needles which were perfect for the job and should have been included in the kit. Sadly, not many mums would have something else to use so the kit would have been abandoned.
Why has the world gone so mad? If children are supervised they will come to no harm and produce something to be proud of!

Hope is almost 7 and does not share Grace's dexterity for crafts. She took the easy way out and made this delightful hanging for ME with not a knot in sight!
Harriet and elaine will be here soon for the un-veiling of Harriet's challenge. I am still working on mine but have been suitably inspired and made several things with the challenge.
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