Thursday, 10 December 2009

A very productive day!

Ooooh I've had a great day today. Harriet came over so I spurred into action to tidy and hoover my studio and get creative again. Here is my first project of the day. Eaine bought me this little cup cake kit and I sat and assembled it while Harriet was busy making golden Tyvek flowers

It is a little pot and I have yet to decide what to keep in it. I am rather afraid that hope and Grace might take a shine to it so will have to hide it when they are about!

Here is project no 2.....a floor quilt for Ross and Paulette's baby in Australia. I had made the quilt top at Belstead so today I layered it, machine quilted it very quickly and then bound it.
GREAT to get yet another UFO finished

We had a treat when two munkjack deer came to indulge in the pile of rotting apples from our tree that Tony throws over the fence to the pond area by the house. It was a gorgeous day here and the deer spent ages chewing away. I love to see them but I DO NOT want them in my garden!

I really feel I am back on track now. I have spent the evening putting up Christmas decorations to try and make the house look festive. All hell broke loose when I asked Tony to bring in the branch I had cut down to use as a Christmas tree! He took a strong aversion to the fact it is covered in lichen and flatly refused to bring it in! He isnsists he is going to buy me a proper tree instead. OH NO!!!! It will not be big enough. I am seriously worried about this. I was really looking forward to having a designer branch this year.
BOTHER! That will teach me to cut the branch to size myself, get it into the pot, get the lights and deccos onto it then there will be no going back. Must make note to self for next Christmas
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