Monday, 26 October 2009


Tony, Gareth, Hope and I went for a long walk at Wimpole up to the Folly. Well....I say a long walk as it is quite a way for a 6 year old. I was so thrilled as we walked back form the folly when Hope told me she had found a heart! And indeed it is a perfect hert shape in the tree, filled with russety Autumn leaves! I shall treasure it and add it to my heart photo collection. Great observation. I think this picture will have to make it into a scrapbook of our walk which will have to include a couple of stroppy pictures too!

Hope was desperate to touch one of the sheep but they were having none of it! Gareth used the long lens on his camera to get some good shots of the sheep

This one doesn't look too pleased at being disturbed!

On the walk back, Hope was having a low blood sugar crisis! She grumbled all the way back to the car but happily, we found a garage open on the way home and brought her back to life with chocolate. is indeed the miracle cure for most things in life......
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