Sunday, 5 July 2009

photography at Belstead

Tony and i have been away for the weekend at Belstead, my favourite place! we were on a photographic weekend but i spent saturday in Newbourne with Barbara catching up on some hand sewing. Maybe i'll blog what i did separately. can't seem to upload more than 3 pictures at a time.

this morning, we went to Pin Mill where i took these pictures. the flowers were in a garden on the way in. We took a walk to the right where all the ships are decayining in the most wonderful way, gently rusting and rotting and sharing debris with the tide

i got quite carried away making up little heart shaped collages in the sand while the serious photographers pitched up their cameras on tripods and spent hours capturing perfect shots.
no perfection for me; i just love to capture the atmosphere, the feeling, pictures of discarded rope, radar, planks of wood and even a delapidated baby buggy. that luscious creative bit of me could have played all day, scouring every inch of muddy water edge for tiny nuggets of seemingly worthless nothingness. i did find one speacial treasure, an oval piece of crumbling rusty metal. it is still wrapped in a black bin bag....waiting for tony to go to work when i shall rinse the mud from it and wrap it with a piece of old cotton sheet soaked in vinegar and leave it to RUST!!!!!

i love the way everything is blue combining so perfectly with the golden lichen and rust. Mmmmmm......perfection and SO inspiring! oh dear, so much inspiration and so little time.
i have spent both journeys learning about emergency asthma treatment and this is my reward.
i have an exam a week tomorrow. must get on with the revision

and what on earth is this? it is on a rubber buoy. is is lichen or is it decaying rubber? I don't know but i love the texture
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bubblemunch said...

Great montage. Love the blues.