Saturday, 20 June 2009

Radishes and cupcake bag

Here is Claire proudly showing off her crop of radishes from her allotment. This is her very firt crop of anything and most of it has been eaten. Just look at the lacy leaves!

At last I have finished the Chairman's challenge for the Cambridge Quilters Summer supper. We are all given a piece of the very bright butterfly wing fabric and was a challenge to know how on earth I was going to use it but here is the result...a laptop bag

It is double sided and I particularly like this side with the three shades of blue fabric I found which goes with it. All I have to do now is to try and keep hold of it. Mum and Harriet both have their eyes on it and Hope and Grace have taken a shine to it as well!
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bubblemunch said...

It's gorgeous. The fabric you were given is beautiful. The laptop bag idea is cool.
I love your fairies and cupcakes!
A lot of work has gone into this and it really shows.

soulbrush said...

you did this? you are so artistic, golden fingers! what a beauty.