Saturday, 7 March 2009

wild flowers

This reminds me of childhood but I SWEAR it was much bigger and softer and plumper when I was small!

I first spotted this on 27th Feb but didn't have the camera with me.

Since getting back from Belstead I do not seem to be able to get 'back in the groove' although I have been busy. I have finished several scrapbooks of Hope and Grace and now I am busy working out what to take to Belstead NEXT week when I go on a patchwork weekend. I think I shall make some ATC's and have prepared some backgrounds with painted Bondaweb. I have two quilts to make for my grandchildren (I am thinking I might illustrate Hope's story about the Princess and the Pie. I could use applique and free machine embroidery.) I DO NOT want to buy any more fabric as I have far too much already so I am going to find it quite a challenge!

On Thursday my Asthma Diploma course arrived and the thought of having to do 300 hours of study in the next 6 months hit quite hard. That is 12 hours a week. It is eating into a lot of crafting time already!
I think....just THINK that Tony may be willing to cook dinner one night a week while I sit and study. Ooooh! that would make a nice change. I loved it when I worked until 6pm in my last job and the meal would be waiting for me when I got in.

I am sorry that Thing a Day has finished....I found it was just what I needed to insire me to create something however small. I feel I have abandoned Inspire Me Thursday and Illustration Friday but I have heard of many other creative blogs during the month I was involved. One in particular 'One Powerful Hour' sounds like it could be fitted into a hectic week!

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