Monday, 2 February 2009


Oh how excited I was when I woke at 5.30 and saw deep snow outside! I was out just after 6am with Rosie in my 1980's silver 'spacesuit' style ski outfit and my pink balaclava so I was toasty warm as I walked across the fields. I didn't see any torches to wave to this morning; I had the world to myself and it felt good.

There were animal tracks criss crossing my path and silence. I felt so lucky to be able to go out in the snow and enjoy it.

When I was back in our street I put Rosie in the house and then threw myself on the road outside my grandchildren's house and made a SNOW ANGEL for them as a surprise!

Tony took me to work in the car and so I grabbed the camera and took this shot of Quayside in the snow.

I couldn't wait for 1pm to arrive so I could hurry home and play in the snow. I caught the bus and and it was snowballed constantly by kids off school!

As soon as I got in I re-photographed the 'soup' for Inspire Me Thursday
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