Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Antique style valentine Thing-a-day 10

I have cheated today! I saw this idea on 'Thing-a-day' today made by Tortagialla and I thought it was brilliant so I had to have a go.
I have decorated the font of my valentine with Bondaweb (wonderunder) and gold foil, and added black pen to decorate it

She gave the link to the site where the instructions are set out step by step. I wasted quite a bit of paper try to work out one part but it all happened in the end (without making any cuts!) and the result is a delightful package that could be packed with little notes, messages, confetti and pictures and make someone very happy. I shall be using it in my scrapbooking.

I loved this polka dot wrapping paper left over from Hope's birthday party and have enjoyed using it to decorate my valentine

This is the inside of the valentine. The reverse side is patterned paper. I'm sure lots of little pockets could be added to this. It has certainly got me quite excited!
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Shawn Borror said...

This is very pretty...and detailed...I could not figure out folds like that to save a life...nicely done.