Sunday, 11 January 2009

You Tube

Had friends round for supper last night and made Jamie Oliver's pastry wrapped creativity for last night! (It worked well, I shall do it again.)

The grandchildren were here for the night and surprisingly they didn't come and see us till 8. I have been busy packing for a 3 day retreat. I have amassed SO much stuff it is ridiculous, but the trouble is, I might need it ALL!

Today I have loaded a tiny bit of video onto You Tube and feel very pleased with myself. The only problem with all these different sites is the usernames and passwords needed and TRYING TO REMEMBER THEM! I hope it will get easier; with any luck I shall get plenty of practise next week when I return with all my creations to blog about. My next ambition is to create a site on Flickr, but first I must pack my suitcase.

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