Monday, 5 January 2009

Sunset 5th January and I remembered to take my camera out with me!

This morning, my personal, four legged trainer Rosie and I went out in the snow for a walk at 6.15am. Surprisingly it was not as cold as I expected (I was togged in my 1980's silver spacesuit style ski outfit!) so I ditched the hat and gloves. BIG mistake. Within five minutes, the soft snow was crisp underfoot and the wind was attacking all my uncovered bits. Brrrr!

This evening, Rosie and walked in the late afternoon sun and captured this beautiful sunset. We are so lucky to have this view to enjoy every day.

I have been revamping the Sindy stable I found in the attic while preparing a piece for the ' Inspire Me Thursday' challenge 'Elephant'. Watch this space. With any luck a picture of both might appear soon.
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