Monday, 19 January 2009


Here is my Illustration Friday offering. I got so exasperated yesterday that I gave up trying to load it through the site! The word was 'pale'. Yes...I know I cheated a bit but was FUN! Free machine stitch and watercolour on cotton
I was back to work today and out walking in the rain with Rosie at 6.15am. Said hello to a couple of anonymous torches and a dog with a flashing collar.
Cycled to Cambridge in the rain but remebered not to put on my mascara first. I gave myself gold star for that.

Went to collect the grandchildren from school and limped across the playground. Didn't know WHY I was limping...I have no injury. Looked stupidly at my feet then at my heels....and YES... I had odd shoes on! Kids fell about laughing at me (important lesson for kids...laugh at yourself)
We had another lesson as we walked through the graveyard on the way home and the 5 year old asked if Aunt Ada was there. I explained she was cremated. What's that mean?" she asked. "Burnt" I replied but hastily I likened it to putting a log on the fire and it ending up as ash, when I saw the look on their faces!
I wonder when one of them will ask where babies come from?
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