Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bella's Elephant

At LAST! My first contibution to 'Inspire Me Thurdsay's title of Elephant. I searched the web for a photograph to use for the design and came acroos a wonderful site called 'Bella's Elephants.' Bella Kohrs is a 7 year old who wants to raise awareness of elephants and US funds to help save elephants in Africa. Worth a look online if you are interested.
My picture is mixed media and acrylic paint on canvas. I have included 'memory' words, as elephants are supposed to never forget. As I came across the picture on my computer, the memory words are all related to computer jargon....random acess memory, memory leak, cache memory (WOT is that?) vitual memory and so on.
The picture measures 12" square

I re-joined 'fat club' tonight and was most delighted to find I have only gained 4 1/2 lbs over Christmas. Not bad! There is a new diet which always makes the first two weeks more fun. I plan to lose 2 lbs by next Wednesday.
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